Silvia Mittermuller Interview

An Exclusive Interview w/ Professional Snowboarder: Silvia Mittermuller

The 2018 Olympian virtually sits down with Scooter to talk snowboarding, coronavirus and what it was like winning the Super Girl Snow Pro Big Air in Big Bear.

By: HoneyShare Media | March 22, 2020

We’ve been excited to release this for some time now, as we are honored to have professional snowboarder and 2018 Olympian, Silvia Mittermuller, join us for an interview. After watching her impressive Big Air win at the Super Girl Snow Pro back in February, we couldn’t wait to ask her a few questions:

HSM: What was it like winning the SuperGirl Snow Pro Big Air Pro?
SILVIA: It was so amazing, I haven’t done good in Big Air in a while. After getting badly hurt in the Olympics and dropped by the German national team I mostly rode rails, and did good in some rail jams. You don’t need your national team for rail jams, you know? I finally got back on my slopestyle feet this winter, and SuperGirl was my first proper big air since the Big Air World Cups towards the Korean Olympics. So yeah, this was a very special one for me! 🙂

HSM: So exciting for you! What do you like about the SuperGirl Snow Pro Competition?
SILVIA: My favourite thing about SuperGirl was probably the team event. It’s so beautiful to see the next generation ride and then be teamed up to ride an event together. Big Air isn’t usually a team thing, you always just ride for yourself. It was a great experience to ride together with Aida Brown (read more here) and suddenly feel that I need to land also for her… Not just for myself.

Other stuff I love about SuperGirl is that the event really does everything to make us feel comfortable and have a good time. The jump is big enough for good tricks but not that huge that you have to be worried to blow out your knees. The weather at Big Bear is usually sunny and warm, so it’s a place you can really enjoy.

“Big Bear got 1) more slush 2) seagulls 3) ballsier recreational snowboarders than anywhere else”

HSM: What were your expectations going into this competition?
SILVIA: I mostly wanted to have a good time, land my runs and hope that the format works out – I was at SuperGirl 2019, but something got mixed up with the head-to-head boardercross qualifying system and 3 girls were randomly cut out of the competition. I was one of them. That made me pretty sad in 2019, so I was just hoping the format worked out smoothly in 2020 and luckily, it did. This year I was up against Sarka [Pancochova] in the 2nd round, and that was a heavy head-to-head round. She is a very strong rider and we both landed clean 7’s. In the end I won the round and she got cut out. I felt sorry because she should have been in the final, but that’s the prize of a head-to-head format. It isn’t as fair as a conventional 2-runs-for-everybody-qualifying-format, but yes it’s exciting for the spectators.

HSM: Do you have a specific warm up routine that you go through to get yourself mentally and physically ready?
SILVIA: I like to go to the gym in the morning before I ride. Just a quick 45min session and my body is well warmed up after that. On the mountain it’s all about music and good vibes. At SuperGirl my boyfriend, Leon, was with me and he makes me so happy anywhere, anytime. Good music and good people is a huge part of having a good day in my world.

HSM: How long have you been snowboarding? Competing?
SILVIA: I’ve been snowboarding since 1997 and started competing around 2000. In the beginning I only did halfpipe, and also spent some years on the German halfpipe team. Then I went down the slopestyle road, on my own, until it eventually became Olympic and I got another national team time with Germany, now on the slopestyle team. But they dropped me after I became the first German slopestyle Olympian in 2018 and got hurt in the games.

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HSM: Which rider is your biggest inspiration?
SILVIA: Anyone who does hard tricks with ease and shines with happiness while they ride. There are unbelievably good girls out there these days – Anna, Zoi, Jamie and so on – and their riding blows my mind. But what inspires me beyond the crazy tricks are the genuine, humble, good humans behind the tricks. Riding and Personality are equally important to me.

HSM: What’s up next for you? Another competition?
SILVIA: I did the 10 Barrel Hella Big Air in Copper (Colorado) already (got 3rd) and might do the other Hella Big Air stops as well. I am not sure yet. The Corona virus is changing the way the world goes rapidly right now. Many events got cancelled. Flights got cancelled and travel restrictions are being made. I wanted to do a World Cup in Czech and Total Fight in Andorra, but both got cancelled. So now I may stay in the USA and just do the Hella Big Air’s – if they even still happen! Fingers crossed. Corona virus is crazy!

HSM: Will we see you back in Big Bear next year?
SILVIA: 100% . I loved the place and event and I definitely want to come back.

HSM: Name 3 differences between Big Bear and where you normally ride.
SILVIA: Big Bear got 1) more slush 2) seagulls 3) ballsier recreational snowboarders than anywhere else (I’ve never seen so many people with questionable abilities hit the gnarliest rails and get away with it hahahaha)

HSM: What’s your ultimate goal in life?
SILVIA: To do what makes me the happiest & best version of myself and then spread the good vibes with the people around me.

HSM: In one sentence, do you have any advice for younger snowboarders looking to become professional?
SILVIA: Follow your passion and heart, no matter what.

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A BIG thank you goes out to Silvia for doing this interview with us! We had such a fun time getting to know her and can’t wait to have her back in Big Bear. We hope you enjoyed reading! Expect many more like it coming soon as we are set to launch in the Spring (or after the stay-at-home order is lifted). Stay safe and be kind!